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Welcome to UBannotated:UBanimated. I (Halbert Katzen) began working on this project in November 2016. I am also the creator of UBtheNEWS.com, a project focused on documenting how new discoveries and scientific advance increasingly support the version of planetary history presented in The Urantia Book. Like UBtheNEWS, UBannotated:UBanimated is an independent project based on the public domain (English) publication of The Urantia Book.

Though traveling around the country for a few years, doing the UBtheNEWS project, was a rich adventure, it was not exactly what one would call a “great career move.” Consequently, with this project I do not have the time and money to make a full-time commitment to the work, as I did with UBtheNEWS (which got extended for a few more years by the generous contributions of so many. Thanks!).

Fortunately, unlike researching and writing UBtheNEWS reports, much of this type of work can be done with reasonable efficiency on a part-time basis, in spurts, as necessary!

This union of epochal teachings and evolutionary technology, this child of individual initiative and community interest, as with all expressions of new life, yearns for all the nourishment needed to sustain optimal growth. I will do all I can when I can because I care. Finding meaning work with this project is easy. Finding the time to do it is hard. Donations make an enormous difference. As with UBtheNEWS, community support has been responsible for a significant percentage of the work that has gotten done. Please reflect on helping out and do as the spirit moves. You can feel free to direct me to areas of annotation interest or Topical Studies that are especially meaningful to you.

Suggestions for improvements and additions are always appreciated! Please be patient; this is my first experience with building a website. Much thanks goes to Rene Ertzinger for coaching me through the process!


The UBanimated section of this website is basically for “all things Urantian,” excepting annotations, of course. ZOOM meetings are hosted from time to time on a range of topics.

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Thanks for getting in touch!


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