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p1: Jerusem etymology by Chris Halvorson: “the “new Jerusalem” (Rev:21.2).

Urantia etymology by Chris Halvorson: “specific: Urantia = (y)our heavenly place (i.e., in the cosmos)” “-tia = noun-forming suffix < -t- of L. past participle stem + -ia (cf., -tion and -ion)” “U.B.: “-tia” is indicative of impersonal, while “-ia” is more personal”

Section 1: Physical Aspects of Jerusem

p2Tigran Aivazian’s videos with graphic representation of formulas for Ultimaton at Rest and Ultimaton Deindividuation at High Frequency Oscillations.

metric conversions: “The standard mile of Jerusem is equivalent to about 11 Urantia km. The standard weight, the “gradant,” is built up through the decimal system from the mature ultimaton and represents almost exactly 283 grams of your weight.”

Chronoldeks etymology by Chris Halvorson: “expression (-dek) of time (chronol).” “-dek < Heb., -dheq = noun-forming suffix (cf., -ness)”

p3metric conversions: “The full-light temperature is maintained at about 21 °C, while during the period of light recession it falls to a little lower than 10 °C.”


p2chronoldeks See also (28:6.11), (29:4.11,37), (30:2.107).

Section 2: Physical Features of Jerusem

p2: Morontia etymology: In general (m) material substance (mor) is like (on) this thing (-tia).
By Chris Halvorson: “that which is (-tia) akin to (on) matter (mor)”
Note also: mor–Danish origin 1930’s, refering to humus formed under acidic conditions.

p4metric conversions: Here the “mile” could be referring to a “standard Jerusem mile” and so was left unconverted.

p5Nebadon etymology by Chris Halvorson: “the first (a) nebular (neb-) upland (don) (The local universe level is the local upland relative to the lowlands where mortals begin their ascension careers in the Milky Way spiral nebula.).” “don < O.E., dun = n., down = upland”

p6Havona etymology by Chris Halvorson: “the “new heaven” (Rev:21.1).” “-a = L. noun suffix (first declension, nominative) = U.B., general noun suffix, used to indicate the additional specific meanings of the coined name”

p8metric conversion: “. . . on Jerusem, almost 4.5 km, and is . . .”


Section 3: The Jerusem Broadcasts

p3: Edentia etymology:  The specific, original and/or archetypal (E) edenic (eden) place (-tia).
By Chris Halvorson: “the (eden)ic place (-tia)”

Uversa etymology by Chris Halvorson: “the hub of the superuniverse that is the seventh expression of triune pattern (“U” is the 21st letter of the alphabet, and 21 equals 7 times 3. Hence, the headquarters worlds of the other superuniverses are Cversa, Fversa, Iversa, Lversa, Oversa, and Rversa. The “U” notation is also used in “Umajor the fifth” and “Uminor the third”.)” “versa = L., focus, hub (see endnote entitled “Versa”)”
masculine: metrical sequence of words (He wrote a verse.); also, versus (plaintiff versus defendant); feminine: poetical character (She wrote in verse.); also, vice versa (vice = in the place of another + versa = focus, hub)
“Versa is the nondirectional aspect of “a turning”, that is, the hub; while versus is the directional aspect, the rotation.”


Section 4: Residential and Administrative Areas


Section 5: The Jerusem Circles


Section 6: The Executive-Administrative Squares

p6: Melchizedek etymology by Chris Halvorson: “Heb., the king (malki) of righteousness (tsedheq) = U.B., the primary righteous expression (of a local universe descending Son)”


Section 7: The Rectangles — The Spornagia

p4,5reincarnation See Topical Study page: Reincarnation.

p6See Topical Study: Is The Urantia Book “gay friendly?”


Section 8: The Jerusem Triangles

p1Norlatiadek etymology by Chris Halvorson: “the northern (nor) law (la) place (-tia) with Melchize(dek) identification, referring to the legislative activities at the constellation level and the presence of the special Melchizedek schools in this constellation, and implying that this constellation is in the northern regions of the local universe of Nebadon.”


Paper 45          Paper 47


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