Paper 126: The Two Crucial Years/ /Midwayer Commission

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Foundation Map: August 21, 7 A.D. to August 21, 10 A.D.

Matthew Block suggests that the following authors were influential in writing of this Paper and has prepared a parallel chart:

Robert Norwood, The Man Who Dared to Be God: A Story of Jesus (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1929)

George A. Barton, Ph.D., LL.D., Jesus of Nazareth: A Biography (New York, The Macmillan Company, 1922) Hathi Trust Digital Library copyWikipedia page: Barton.

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For Biblical cross-references for all Sections: click here.


p1Urantia etymology by Chris Halvorson: “specific: Urantia = (y)our heavenly place (i.e., in the cosmos)” “-tia = noun-forming suffix < -t- of L. past participle stem + -ia (cf., -tion and -ion)” “U.B.: “-tia” is indicative of impersonal, while “-ia” is more personal”


p2Father’s business See 148:3, The Father’s Business.

p4great (or superb) leader is used six times: once in reference to Cain, Abraham, and Jesus, three times in reference to Moses. (76:2.9), (93:94), (96:3.1), (96:5.2), (126:0.4), and (140:5.16).

Section 1: His Fourteenth Year (A.D. 8)

p1Foundation Map: October 4, 4 B.C. to June 3, 3 A.D.


p2Abimelech is mentioned three times, also at 93:9.3,4.

Section 2: The Death of Joseph


p1,2: See Cross-reference page: Jesus and “that fox,” Herod.

Section 3: The Fifteenth Year (A.D. 9)

p4metric conversion: “. . . on a piece of smooth cedar board about 116 cm², with a piece of charcoal . . .”


Section 4: First Sermon in the Synagogue


Section 5: The Financial Struggle


p7: See Cross-reference page: Jesus and “that fox,” Herod.

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