Paper 140: The Ordination of the Twelve/ /Midwayer Commission

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Foundation Map: March 1, 26 A.D. to January 19, 27 A.D.

Matthew Block suggests that the following authors were influential in writing of this Paper and has prepared a parallel chart:

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p3Trinity concept: Beyond the Paper 104, which is dedicated to the subject, other references can be found at: (92:5.9), (93:3.3), (94:1.3), (95:6.5), (142:3.6).


Section 1: Preliminary Instruction


Section 2: The Ordination


Section 3: The Ordination Sermon


p19by their fruits appears four times: (5:2.4), (140:3.19), (140:4.7), (142:5.2).

Section 4: You Are the Salt of the Earth

p8See Topical Study: Is The Urantia Book “gay friendly?”


p7by their fruits appears four times: (5:2.4), (140:3.19), (140:4.7), (142:5.2).

Section 5: Fatherly and Brotherly Love

p11Urantia etymology by Chris Halvorson: “specific: Urantia = (y)our heavenly place (i.e., in the cosmos)” “-tia = noun-forming suffix < -t- of L. past participle stem + -ia (cf., -tion and -ion)” “U.B.: “-tia” is indicative of impersonal, while “-ia” is more personal”

p12See Topical Study: Is The Urantia Book “gay friendly?”


p16great (or superb) leader is used six times: once in reference to Cain, Abraham, and Jesus, three times in reference to Moses. (76:2.9), (93:94), (96:3.1), (96:5.2), (126:0.4), and (140:5.16).

Section 6: The Evening of the Ordination


Section 7: The Week Following the Ordination


Section 8: Thursday Afternoon on the Lake

p11Nebadon etymology by Chris Halvorson: “the first (a) nebular (neb-) upland (don) (The local universe level is the local upland relative to the lowlands where mortals begin their ascension careers in the Milky Way spiral nebula.).” “don < O.E., dun = n., down = upland”


p1the affairs of the kingdom phrase is used ten times: (139.1.8), (139:5.5), (140:8.1), (144.6.7), (156:5.18), (157:3.2), (161:2.12), (174:5.4), (176:2.3), (191:0.3). When the Alpheus twins receive their final instructions from Jesus, the outward affairs of the kingdom phrase is used: (181:2.19).

p20fidelity is used seven times: (17:6.5), (22:2.2), (33:3.5), (36:5.8), (83:8.8), (117:7.7).

Section 9: The Day of Consecration


Section 10: The Evening After the Consecration


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