Paper 142: The Passover at Jerusalem/ /Midwayer Commission

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Matthew Block suggests that the following authors were influential in writing of this Paper and has prepared a parallel chart:

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For Biblical cross-references for all Sections: click here.


Section 1: Teaching in the Temple


p2: kingdom of heaven is at hand (134:9.8), (135:5.7), (135:6.2,8), (135:9.7), (136:1.5), (137:8.15), (142:1.2), (163:1.4).

Section 2: God’s Wrath

p2See Malachi 4:6 “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”


Section 3: The Concept of God

p4: Melchizedek etymology by Chris Halvorson: “Heb., the king (malki) of righteousness (tsedheq) = U.B., the primary righteous expression (of a local universe descending Son)”

The fact of Nahor leaving Ur with Abraham (cf. Genesis 11:31) has been preserved only in the Samaritan Pentateuch, the Massoretic scribes having carefully deleted the reference to Abraham’s brother Nahor from the Hebrew text, leaving him with the sunworshippers in Ur.


p6: Elohim is discussed in nine paragraphs: (96:1.8), (97:3.6), (97:9.17,19), (104:1.8), (142:3.6), (169:4.8,9,10).

Trinity concept: Beyond the Paper 104, which is dedicated to the subject, other references can be found at: (92:5.9), (93:3.3), (94:1.3), (95:6.5), (142:3.6).

Section 4: Flavius and Greek Culture


Section 5: The Discourse on Assurance


p2by their fruits appears four times: (5:2.4), (140:3.19), (140:4.7), (142:5.2).

Section 6: The Visit with Nicodemus


Section 7: The Lesson on the Family


Section 8: In Southern Judea

p1Foundation Map: March 31, 27 A.D. to January 17, 28 A.D.


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