Paper 166: Last Visit to Northern Perea/ /Midwayer Commission

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Foundation Map: January 3 to March 5, 30 A.D.

Matthew Block suggests that the following authors were influential in writing of this Paper and has prepared a parallel chart:

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Section 1: The Pharisees at Ragaba

p5: common people See subtopic: “Were the Alpheus twins subnormal?” For the larger context into which this study falls, see the Topical Study page: Eugenics and Race.


Section 2: The Ten Lepers


Section 3: The Sermon at Gerasa

p4Lord open to us; we would also be great in the kingdom.: In the original format, Lord was the last word in the line, making a dropped comma not unlikely. It is possible that the comma was simply viewed as unnecessary within such a short phrase, and it should also be noted that while the use of the comma in direct address is now regarded as standard, the Chicago Manual of Style was silent on the matter until its 12th edition (1969). The SRT committee decided to adopt the modern format and insert the comma.


Section 4: Teaching About Accidents

p11no respecter of persons See Topical Study page: No respecter of persons.


Section 5: The Congregation at Philadelphia


Paper 165          Paper 167


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