Paper 171: On the Way to Jerusalem/ /Midwayer Commission

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Foundation Map: March 5 to April 2, 30 A.D.

Matthew Block suggests that the following authors were influential in writing of this Paper and has prepared a parallel chart:

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For Biblical cross-references for all Sections: click here.


Section 1: The Departure from Pella


Section 2: On Counting the Cost


Section 3: The Perean Tour


Section 4: Teaching at Livias


p1,2: sword See Cross-reference page: Apostles and Swords.

p6: See Cross-reference page: Jesus and “that fox,” Herod.

Section 5: The Blind Man at Jericho


Section 6: The Visit to Zaccheus


Section 7: “As Jesus Passed By”


Section 8: Parable of the Pounds


Paper 170          Paper 172


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