Who, When, and Why:

This website was started by “your editor,” Halbert Katzen, in mid November 2016. This type of work was initiated, to a limited extent, as part of the UBtheNEWS project around 2007. As the value of writing additional UBtheNEWS style reports diminished over time, a new vehicle needed to be created for preserving and sharing how new discoveries and scientific advances increasingly support the account of planetary history found in The Urantia Book.

Eventually, the idea of doing a stand alone annotation website that can be used with any hardcopy or online version of The Urantia Book became embraced as a way to both continue with UBtheNEWS related work and expand into doing annotations for the entire text.

Starting this study aid service project for Urantia Book readers also developed out of my ongoing effort to figure out how to make a living in this world. Webmaster Rene Ertzinger, a long time reader-believer, said he was willing to coach me through the process of learning how to use WordPress and get set up with hosting services. He has been and continues to be an invaluable resource to the project. Much thanks goes to him for his help. See: http://studio.raydianze.com

Beyond Rene’s encouragement, I also had a general sense of hope and belief from doing the UBtheNEWS project that people would contribute to the effort both financially and with good ideas for annotations. Happy to report, my hopes and belief in people were well placed!

Much thanks goes to everyone who has helped and continues to help me make progress with this project possible!


Thanks for getting in touch!


©2018 by Halbert Katzen

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