Independent Urantia Book-based Projects

British Study Edition:

Global Endeavor: From founder, Neal Waldrop: “The Global Endeavor is an innovative project whose participants will seek to encourage and foster the progressive growth and development of human society while serving other human beings modestly and quietly, in the spirit of the master seraphim. In organizational terms, the project’s main feature will be regional associations — each one composed of twelve working groups whose members will endeavor to assist innovators and reformers who are striving to improve and upgrade their respective fields of activity, experience, knowledge, or interest. The permanent context is the worldwide process of imagination, innovation, and creativity that will be a pervasive and enduring theme throughout the next thousand years of life on our planet, an extended era during which countless human beings will pursue the ideals and objectives that the revelators have enshrined in Part III of The Urantia Book.”

God’s Gumshoe:

Perfecting Horizon:

Square Circles:


UBtheNEWS: The primary focus of this project was to provide reports, written for people unfamiliar with The Urantia Book, on how new discoveries and scientific advances increasingly support The Urantia Book‘s account of planetary history. It also offers research pages, where documentation can be found with support for Urantia Book history. Other features include a syllabus for The Urantia Book that was used in World Religion classes at Denison University in Ohio, Star Power, which documents famous people who have been inspired by The Urantia Book, and an online version of the text with a glossary/index section. This project was started by your editor, Halbert Katzen, in 2006. The work is now managed through and has been expanded with annotations and Topical Study pages.


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