People Influenced By and References To The Urantia Book

See StarPower: An aspect of the UBtheNEWS project that documents famous people who have been influenced by The Urantia Book.

Individuals not included in StarPower:

J.J. Benitez: Spanish fiction author. In some of his work, he borrowed directly and extensively from Urantia Book cosmology.

Mark McMenamin: An American paleontologist and professor of geology at Mount Holyoke College. He has contributed to the study of the Cambrian explosion and the Ediacaran biota. See excerpt referencing The Urantia Book from Discovering the First Complex Life: The Garden of Ediacara.

Kary Mullis: Nobel prize-winning American biochemist. His website has some references to how science offers support for Urantia Book history.

Carlos Santana: guitarist. On November 15, 2011 at 7:52 pm, he posted the following to his Facebook page:

“Greetings, children of light & love! (A Flow of Consciousness by Carlos 11/15/11)/Greetings, children of light & love!/I find myself reading The Urantia Book,/Specifically: paper 134 section 6 -/LAW, LIBERTY, AND SOVEREIGNTY/And truly it resonates with my spirit/to attain tangible lasting world peace…/Is what we all desire wish and need./I invite you to join in creating a new/World government that is NOT about/One nations self interest above all others/Or one religion (can we agree that GOD is too big for one religion?),/Yet for the highest good of life, people and the planet./I see 27 beings of light (woman and man)/That calibrate high with integrity and divinity./For Example:/Reverend Desmond Tutu, Maya Angelou,/His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey,/Mr. Harry Belafonte, Miss Marianne Williamson,/Mr. President Carter & Dolores Huerta./You see my point?/Weapons of mass compassion people/You are welcome and free to create your own list/I find it fascinating that words from this chapter,/Haile Selassie and Bob Marley used the foundation/for their principles, beliefs and songs/Feedback?/The goal is to attain a new perception in human global behavior/That our children’s children enjoy/Only peace and peace alone/For everyone for ever more/Peace/Carlos”


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