Paper 177: Wednesday, The Rest Day/ /Midwayer Commission

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p3Foundation Map: April 3 to April 5, 30 A.D.

Section 1: One Day Alone with God

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Section 2: Early Home Life

Richard Daunt: “There are two relevant meanings to the word afterlife. It seems likely that the intended meaning refers to the remainder of one’s moral life, as opposed to the post-mortal life.” Click here to read his report.

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Section 3: The Day at Camp

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Section 4: Judas and the Chief Priests

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p7: disgust is used in three paragraphs in three distinct yet progressively related context:
1) 62:3.6 prehuman (disgust towards “repulsive situations”),
2) 72:5.12 civilized man (neighboring planet’s attitude toward idleness and unearned wealth), and
3) 177:4.7 sinful man (Caiaphas toward Judas).

disgusted is used twice: Job’s attitude towards is misguided friends (177:4.7) and Judas attitude towards Mary’s anointing of Jesus’ feet, which got rebuked (172:5.12).

Section 5: The Last Social Hour

p5still others whom you think love the truth will be scattered: This is a situation similar to the two found at 172:5.2. The pronoun concerned is the subject of love, not the object of think; therefore who is the correct form. To illustrate: …others whom you think Jesus loved… [you think Jesus loved them ] …others who you think love the truth… [you think they love the truth].

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