Topical Studies

Controversial Subjects

Abortion and Resurrection for the Unborn

See also: “At What Stage in Our Development Did the Father Choose to Bestow the Gift of Personality Upon Us?” by Chuck Thurston.

Creating a Urantia Book-based Religion

Eugenics and Race

See also: Were the Alpheus twins subnormal?

Is The Urantia Book “gay friendly?”

Prophecy and “signs of the times”


Age 16, Child Mind, Childlike, Little Child, and Childish

Humor, Pithiness, and Double Entendres

Lucifer Rebellion


Revelation Revealed: This 250-page document provides a detailed discussion that seeks to stimulate a range of diverse opinions and views on: (a) eight key topics that the revelators address in The Urantia Book, and (b) four topics pertaining to the Global Endeavor — an innovative project whose participants will seek to encourage and foster the progressive growth and development of human society.

What does The Urantia Book say about its creation?


Animal Evolution and Mutations

Clay Tablets

Discoveries and Science Supporting Urantia Book History

Gobekli Tepe: A World Heritage archeological site in Turkey supports statements about Andites being driven out of the area.

Mother Cults



Space Respiration


Apostles and Swords

I Know Whereof I Speak

Jesus and “that fox,” Herod

Impatient Impatiently Impatience

No respecter of persons

Polygamy Polygamous

Spirit Luminosity


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